The Definitive Guide to your Vehicle’s Check Engine Light

Suggestions When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

Your daily commute to work is going as planned. But suddenly, an orange icon glows on your vehicle’s dashboard. Uh oh, the dreaded check engine light!

What does it mean? And more importantly, what should you do about it?

Which Version of Check Engine Light Do You See?

First, it’s important to recognize that the check engine light in your vehicle may stay illuminated or blink. In a general sense, here’s what both versions indicate:

    • Illuminated: Typically, this indicates a relatively minor issue. We will cover some potential culprits, of which there are many, in detail below.

    • linking: When the check engine light continues blinking, this indicates a more severe issue with your vehicle. We will also discuss what to do in this unfortunate scenario.

Potential Reasons for your Check Engine Light

Your check engine light activates when your vehicle’s diagnostics system identifies a malfunction. The reasons for that malfunction can vary.

Some potential causes include issues with your emissions system, ignition system, fuel system, and exhaust system. Here are some other reasons the check engine light may have turned on:

    • Loose gas cap 

    • Damaged oxygen sensor 

    • Broken oxygen sensor 

    • Faulty spark plug

Is the check engine light blinking? In this case, a more extensive issue with your catalytic converter or engine is likely to blame.

Suggestions When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

The first suggestion is obvious: check your gas cap. That simple solution may turn the check engine light off and solve the problem.

Did the light remain on? No need to panic! Complete the journey to your destination. But we do recommend scheduling an appointment with our service team at your earliest convenience.

For a blinking check engine light, we don’t recommend troubleshooting on your own. In this scenario, immediately schedule a trip to our shop. Don’t wait, as extensive damage to your engine or catalytic convertor could occur. That would end up costing you far more to address!

How We Can Help

An active check engine light is no fun, but our certified technicians are here to help. We will use advanced diagnostics equipment to determine the issue and work on a solution.

Feel free to give us a call to schedule a service appointment!

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