Your vehicle’s check engine light turns on. It’s time to visit a local shop and figure out what’s going on.

Are you wondering how that process even works? Let’s cover advanced auto diagnostics in Sarasota, FL, and how technicians use this technology to discover issues with your vehicle.

How advanced auto diagnostics work

An advanced diagnostics test helps a mechanic locate your vehicle’s issue.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how the process unfolds.

  1. The technician will attach diagnostics equipment to your vehicle’s onboard computer system
  2. That diagnostics device will receive a code from your vehicle
  3. The technician will analyze the code to identify what needs attention

From there, the technician will examine the problem area. After determining the cause and sharing an estimate, they can get started on necessary repairs.

Diagnostics testing can cover many components of your vehicle. Examples include:

When shops use diagnostic tests

Advanced auto diagnostics in Sarasota, FL are useful for many situations. Technicians use this technology for:

Why shops use advanced auto diagnostics

Advanced diagnostics are just one piece of the repair puzzle. But it’s an important first step in diagnosing your vehicle’s issues!

This technology can accelerate the repair process. It eliminates the need for a time-consuming exam of the entire vehicle. Diagnostics code will point a mechanic in the right direction.

Where customers benefit

You deserve a transparent process for your auto repair experience. Diagnostics technology, paired with the expertise of a certified technician, can deliver on that expectation.

Diagnostics data gives a mechanic more information when assessing the vehicle’s repair needs. A multi-step process ensures that they don’t miss a detail.

Other benefits include:

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